We Miss Our Darkness ( a poem towards a stable power in Nigeria)

Posted: November 13, 2014 by lade in Poems

54 years of running,
Right from the womb
We smell darkness.
To others, we shoved our spade
Giving sands of brightness
Yet our world knows it not.

Electricity cost more than love,
Changing names
All too vain.

A prayer we dare not say,
Because all months in darkness we will live,
Yet our bills we pay.
Our sky becomes harsh;
A product of our gasoline plants.

Customers are always right;
Not with our power holder
Yet bills keep going higher.
Just like the sun
Our power is timed,
Abnormality, this is our Normality.

When power stays so long
We cry like is not our right
Take it away we say
We won’t love the consequences,
Maybe at 105
We will raise our hands high.

I will love to live in a Nigeria
Where we will all say
“we miss our darkness”.

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