I understand

Posted: December 30, 2014 by lade in Poems

When men were in bed,
You walked out of bed stylishly
Dressed in a mini.
I opened my eye to your dismay,
Just wana take a walk, you said
I nod; I understand.

Seeing you on the street,
Naked in an open womb
Oh! It’s the heat.
Found a slippery latex
In a tissue from your bag
Oh! Your experiment.
I held you tight; I understand.

All friend called you a slut,
I fought for you,
No! She is my wife.
Yet you said you won’t be home tonight
I kissed you; I understand.

I felt his scent on you,
Again You narrated your lies;
It was from the street bus,
But with my car you drove home.
Away at my work,
Your phone kept ringing,
Home to my surprise.
Covered in your sweat you sit
Right on our bed.
He is a brother.
I greet; I understand.

Now I’m on bed.
My heart slipping away,
A poison I swallowed from you.
As tears roll down your cheek
You pleaded; I understand…

To be continued …


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