Lies to ten

Posted: February 7, 2015 by lade in Uncategorized

Ten in lies …
A sign beyond completion,
Leaders in Den,
Ruling people so fierce
Making pains intense.

Group pictures, all in odds
87 from 97,
Another way to take us to ten
A way of completing our agony.

Names carved with pen,
Ambition; completion.
Voting our right?
Sold out due to our greed
Our future revolves,
Twined like a reed.

Our promise is eden,
Locked up In a den
Our doors;
Yet we dance to there songs.

There legs are jets,
Fleets of cars
Myriads of escorts
Yet we never stop,
There songs is our ten
Ten of deceit.

Two things taking us,
A devil and a devil.
I wonder who is better
Non I will say,
Maybe both are,
The lies in ten

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