Bitter truth

Posted: February 10, 2015 by lade in Uncategorized

Let the world ask for it,
Either with ease or difficulty
With one step, cry it out,
Amazingly professing its thoughts.

Truth that hurts,
Words that bleeds the heart.
I said I love you,
Though my heart says else.

You asked how much I miss us,
I said wholely; another lie!
I want you;
Best lie.

My unwanted hobby,
I rested, love is dead,
Missing not my feeling,
It hurts, but I dare not say.

Saying the truth,
So heavy than a mighty rock.
It hurts so much,
Mostly when is bitter.
Truth is: am the truth.

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  1. beesurlar says:

    hmm! bitter truth indeed. kip it up



    never stop writing coz we love wat u do.nice one


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