Posted: September 7, 2015 by lade in Uncategorized

Acres so much A land of hating love Nothing seems wrong Though we live in a dome

If these were us Will black be green? Or no dirts but all clean? We shout with complains We leaders care But to inflict peaceful pains.

Let me say leaders are born, Take this as my question: Would we have done it better? Or will life be heavier? If these were us, Will life be just? Or Will smile be our disguise?

Feelings lies in shadow Awaiting our top light Words are not spell with tongue Wish it were, rain wouldn’t stop, Maybe the wicked kings will be drown.

Making no wealthy noise All we make are thoughts within range With no image to expand Yet you blame the drops of igneous What a parallel!

If these were us, Same ego or less? Looking below or not? Maybe we will be a better force, Or one with no other source. If these were us will it be same?


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