Posted: September 7, 2015 by lade in love stories, Poems

Stalked with the lots of life,

Shreds in disguise

Anomaly, another way of fight,

Her tears drove the sunny sky.

Pure like a precious stone,

Her wisdom became unfold

I listened though not told

As i Feel her heart becoming cold.

Stamping through roughs,

She was with me through the tough

Her life becomes my host

A feeling like a mothers love.

My shirt so down;

With dirt it became drained.

My whispers unfelt by her lobes

An arrow straight to her existence.

Here i am busy with myself

Writing things i cannot comprehend

Only life could make it mend

Hope this wont bring me to my end

  1. Opeyemi says:

    Hmmmm…im sorry i just read this all this while…for the first time i understand every little bit of that poem…nice one Poet Emmanuel


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