A letter to the future me

Posted: March 12, 2016 by lade in Uncategorized

Am lonely with everyone around Me,
Is like my eyes became heavy with inks yet I can’t write.

I miss my proud self,
That loving guy that I was,
That amazing brother who cares for all
I really wana cope with this tending sticks.

Dear future, it seems like am sad! Not everything about Me now is sad though,
I have someone who shun my sadness with her smile.

In my darkest moment ,
When all hopes became lost in Me
She never stood by Me,
Rather she live by Me.

She can’t stop to amuse my life though,
She has always being the strenght arrayed from my weaknesses.

That’s why am writing you,
Because by now
you should be with her
Please express my love to her more than i did
when I wrote you this letter.

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