Posted: December 1, 2016 by lade in creative writting

Imagine those times of laughing cries,
Those times you came home late,
But still you kiss me goodnight,
wish i made my first kite with you,
I will do anything to be 3 years old again.

Those time when you walk me to school,
times i ate with fishes on my tongue
And stews splashed on my wool.
i stopped bedwet,but you are not here,
Wish i could be 4 years again.

I remember those sunday evening,
When i choose what to watch on our TV
Your smile reveals your soothing gap,
wish i had those jumps with you,
I will do everything to be 5 again.

Those quiet story time
when the moon shines
And the stars gets out of their hides
as you quench my thirst with milk,
I will do something to be six again.

I really miss those touches,
How you lay me on your lap
As sleep quenches my fire dark,
Your deep voice makes me quack,
i will do everything to be 7 again

I wish we had those talks
when a boy turns to a man,
How to go out with girls,
And how best to treat my wife,
i forgive you as i love my 8.

wish we could hold hands
As we take a long walk;
you show me trees by names,
you squize my hands to sooth
As Your voice call me names.

I will do nothing to be 9 again
You left without saying goodbye
My crying turns to tears
not even a last word to make me smile,
wish you were here within miles


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