Posted: May 30, 2017 by lade in Poems

​Life is full of surprises…
Each lines comes like a gift
We yearn to open it
The unexpected bridges our thought.

we open our arms to catch,
we flip our body to it,
we taste our bud to set
yet it keeps giving us amusements.

Disappointments most times
the guilt of losing hunts us
anxiously we drove onto frustration
Only to meet our end in trying

So beautiful! 
like the wings of a young butterfly
only to weak away within our frame of time,
tears gulp our throats.

But there’s always a vision to see
A being willing to go the miles with
life is a gift…
Life; real or a mirage. 

  1. Olutosin says:

    Very Impressive and Inspiring bro…u nailed it..keep it up..


  2. Olutosin says:

    Very impressive bro…keep it up


  3. Mr Kasa says:

    Nice one… it’s what we experience….
    check through lines 10 and 15.

    in my candid opinion I feel it should be “losing” as opposed to “loosing”
    and line 15 what if you try “wilt” …
    On the whole it’s a nice one


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