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Posted: February 13, 2015 by FALADE in Articles


This is different from my usual stuff; poetry.

       please, lets start; the voice from behind,   thou hath In bondage yet u smile, I envisage this, maybe we are both entangled to each other, again your smile assures me of something I don’t understand.
  Have you ever felt like you are in bondage yet free? I think we all are. I know some religious fellow like my brother will say “I reject it IJN”,  that makes me smile more, talking of your religion, are you not In bondage to death? Oh! Let me say you  own death a debt which you will pay and according to the law, a debtor is a slave to the owner, now tell me, are slaves free?
          Just touching lifes all around, am not against any religion but I am for one, you really  want to know?   I will tell  you when my moon moves on the sun. Nigeria; A place crowned with dignity and diamonds all tossed in the mud by the migthy powerful personnel,  who are we to speak when the mighty are seated? How well do you study at school, or what challenges have you faced? I can hear my colleagues saying the numbers are … yet a secondary school certificate holder will obtain thousands as his monthly salary all in the name of  being a counsellor, who, what  and how is he doing that? (counselling) Yet a graduate will obtain  just 35000 as far as Ekiti, not to talk of nasarawa and kwara state all equalled.  Are we actually free?
       A country who depends on a state united in order to feed, “abeg who dey decieve who”? Is that your own definition of freedom or freedom in bondage? O ye leaders! I pity the future of your past because the past will definitely say what we are to do with it when we cheer and sit. We cry and sigh yet we play, saying: am living in a free country, think over again are you free? Or your smile is in disguise? 
Ask for  your right, that is no longer a slogan all we understand is fight for your right. I trust my educationist; ASUU, ASUP and the unknown  COEASUU(MR PRESIDENT) they understand the language that  brought about 6 months, eleven months and seven months of compulsory rest for Nigerian poor students. NIGERIA! Our sufferings are of smiles,  we owned life yet we suffer from it. What a freedom! A country where stealing is no offence, where corruption is our breakfast while lieing is always normal for a leader. Freedom in all my country, when you can move to any part as you wish, I know my friends will ask if am nut, even the doctorate holder in zoology couldn’t visit everywhere in a country which he rules,  yet he rules us all in his own  bondage. Change! A slogan, please is it with grandfathers asking for promotions at work at the age of “menostop” Or continuity with an educationist who shut down institutions simultaneously? Or who love things adjourn with “TEN”. In over two decades that I have lived in a country appraising youths as the leaders of tomorrow, please when will tomorrow come?  Well  like 007 “tomorrow never die” we still have a hope.
       I remember the sayings of the past that either we die to act or we act to die, all will have results. To all who miss the trust we always have, please dont ask for choice ask for a reason when deciding the future of our past.

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