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Posted: July 29, 2016 by lade in Poems

i miss the love you gave,

the cares you lavished,

your passionate touch

your hairy chest and biceps

your voice so calm.

it was over with my words,

all your words are mere talk,

all your letters are mere notes

as thoughts becomes noise.

drenched in tears,

the reality of lost comes in

and happiness a disjoint

all hope seems lost,

our future, a preview of uncertainty.

a heart that loves is hurt

tossing all trust in the trash

a betrayal of love

a betrayal of life

a simple goodbye.


i understand (the concluding part)

Posted: January 6, 2015 by lade in Poems

From the outer room,
Walking like an angels name
I smiled still on bed.
Got an appointment;
My friends baby shower,
I sigh; I understand.

Up again,
I junction my steps at my door
Hoping to have a haven.
Again, my cat welcomes me.
I hugged my pillow,
The cold air melts my warm body
I slept; I understand.

She Got home drunk,
Hangover till morning,
This is the beginning of my nightmare
She is my nightmare dressed in daydream.
Opening it up, I pleaded to be lost,
Sent my nightmare away,
With tears and phlegm
Her plead like when diana’s heart got broken
I said it’s over; you understand.

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