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Posted: April 5, 2018 by lade in Poems

Who am i?
I seems like a shadow
A mirage of someone i knew not
I can’t see my mirrored image.

I look at my self
All i see are junks
Wears torn,
Hairs bald.

I’m my selfless enemy
Am now troubled
Deep by my reflection
Can’t say where i would go.

No one looks at me
Not like a human
Not as a lover
Wish I’m reborn.



Posted: January 17, 2018 by lade in creative writting, Poems

I sat as i wonder why we clamour for love
It brings sadness, 
Uncertainty, yet we get entangled.

I still cant see
The feelings of someone
Affecting my unique being
Where the last human touch brings tears.

It renders the strong weak, 
Makes the wise a fool
Am a victim, it weakens my strenght
Just like a Bee,  it stings. 


Posted: August 29, 2017 by lade in creative writting, Poems

As we work in pairs
Our bags tagged to our hands
Our mission is to spread the good news
Our voices are heard wide and far.

We enjoy talking about the one
The person who called us to is side
That greatest being yet he showed us love
Life everlasting, he promised. 

In the sun, we preach.
In the rain, we teach.
Our smiles never diminish
His kingdom our priority.


Posted: May 30, 2017 by lade in Poems

​Life is full of surprises…
Each lines comes like a gift
We yearn to open it
The unexpected bridges our thought.

we open our arms to catch,
we flip our body to it,
we taste our bud to set
yet it keeps giving us amusements.

Disappointments most times
the guilt of losing hunts us
anxiously we drove onto frustration
Only to meet our end in trying

So beautiful! 
like the wings of a young butterfly
only to weak away within our frame of time,
tears gulp our throats.

But there’s always a vision to see
A being willing to go the miles with
life is a gift…
Life; real or a mirage. 

My Apology 

Posted: April 30, 2017 by lade in creative writting, Poems

On the wounded skate
I came,
You were apprehensive
Yet you took me in
I waited till your heel heals
Lasted for months of dog years
Every broken plates I picked,
I thought we would lay forever
So I Promised you forevermore
Now all lays in mud

Am sorry to bruise your heart
I never meant to be rude to your heart
Though our distance took us apart
I used to keep you in my shirt
But we both kick out to the start.
No more lifeline to give me
Since You gave out the last one
Without thinking if am worth it
Though my expectations are too defined
People change, I understand,
That’s why I tender Apology


Posted: January 13, 2017 by lade in Poems

The dim lights hid our faces
laughter hid our sorrows
Not a cheerless face in the crowd
Come join our reveries

Our heart keeps it merries
Our true nature elopes
no secret in a darkened light
As if we know no sadness

We sat round our circle
Exchanging pleasantries with ease
Tasting the sweetness of bitterness
The tick tack clamps down

Our timing runs with no eagerness
Ranging from big to little
Every sorrow seems to fade
In truth, it’s only hidden


Posted: August 3, 2016 by lade in Poems

a measure of life

I am weighed,
Not with kilograms
But with grade;
A woman’s preference.

I sent my last thought
It bounced back,
I remembered the list we created
A master of no confidence.

yet I couldn’t measured up,
I poured with shadow lights
Its heaviness turns mirage.

This is my page to write,
My picture to burn
My measure of life.


Posted: April 24, 2016 by lade in Poems

Joy abound ,
It feels like a den with help
As I venture into her presence,
My heart flutters with happiness.

I gained all trust
With all pleasantness
My mirage of meekness
Up because of your tenderness

I missed the road
Yet you found Me
My lips keep praying;
An everlasting love beget

I don’t know what else to ask.
I pray we be in love together forever.

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Posted: April 6, 2016 by lade in Poems

Happiness in disguise,
Youths runs with hands tied,
Every unit,  thorns and broken
Yet we smile with pains.

No Place like home is our song,
As if our home is paradise,
Nothing seems to hurt us
Our dark skin is a strenght to go on.

No love, No hate,
We seems comfortable with our predicament
We pray as if we know God,
Religion seems to make our problems worse.

Our Economy escalates for nothing but bad,
In-spite of all, our smiles lives.
I watch as these smiles encloses,
All praises goes to Nigerians
In the journey of suffering and smiling.

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Posted: April 1, 2016 by lade in Poems

Every little time
Every single word
All settled smiles
All I remember to my disadvantage

I opened my eye
All I see are my hopes fading away
Waving at the pathway of goodbye
I dropped my strenght in tears.

Years to it, I pictured
You walked in like a visitor
Your scents, I percieve no more
Your voices made Me turn around.

Looking at the face I loved
My heart shrinks only to run fast
Over joyed, my clouded eyes gives rain
My lost friend is back to life.
(A hope of ressurection)

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