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This is the stand
which makes her name sound
Like the gentle waves
the movement of the stream.

Nothing beyond her beauty
Uncertainty to the beholder,
Unclear to the owner
Yet nothing seems to shout.

On her Walking heels,
she bends with her button
Another media to shine
I saw a lasting beauty.

The white sets
covered with the soft rounds
A sideless curve
pressed in her shape.

Her nails are selected
straight with the fingers
no grease out of her waist



Posted: November 26, 2016 by lade in creative writting
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I met you while i was dark,
You lit me up.
You made me feel
As if i was enough
I loved you then,
but you never knew.

I may be dead with speech,
Thats why i write you this,
So Everybody knows,
I will keep out every sorrow.
The world is passing
Yet we are gonna stay.

You keel me over with smile
I almost forgot am older,
i wana dance with you right then.
i knew i needed you but i never show,
Then i played the cool guy
because i am scared to loose you.

I am so in love with you
I hope you know,
I wana stay with you
Till our grey hair becomes old
I will wake you up with breakfast,
With songs and with kiss on head.

I want to spend with you
The rest of my days
You are beautiful as ever
My promise;
You will stay that way everyday
Till we sleep in death Together.

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​I was alone,
Laying in my couch.
Then you came along,
You took way my thoughts.

I felt like I am gone,
Then you gave me love
A trust I can’t deny
You swallowed me in your Sea.

I sang a song
To my muse
A very special one,
My expression of love.

I sworn to my heart,
To smile and cry with you
A place I can’t be lost
Your heart; my home.


Posted: September 19, 2016 by lade in creative writting

I kept a straight line,
In order to be the best
How will i know?
My doom awaits.

I keep writing
True works, but no love is perfect
She is the reason i have tears.
A ink that fills my pen.

I put this picture,
In my heart
Everywhere i am, i keep writing
Clustered with tears.

I fake smiles,
As i keep craving,
I know this is typical of love
May be my tears will sing her song.

Possibly impossible 

Posted: September 13, 2016 by lade in creative writting

Heights of lowness
Nothing can be compared
Events with no choice
Created a distance of no time.

Possibly i will die,
Impossible, not now
Possibly i break,
Impossible not with no strenght.

Possibly no joy
Impossible i have it,
Bleeds not of razor
Impossible you cant see my heart.

Sunshine impossible,
Possibly, the clouds waits
Possibly i hate
Impossible, i still love.


Posted: August 18, 2016 by lade in creative writting

Every person seems pushy
Hours to fetching fame for other
The yellow ball travels far
They seemingly sets at a round.

Here, every word means yes
All hidding lies bloom,
Any word said comes with honesty,
Not even the law can carve out such truth.

No harsh face,
Merriments with gestures,
Laughter with grin
That’s the chief executive of the day.

My round table,
Different colours with labels
But no trust of the fellow
A place where sadness are left out.


Posted: August 3, 2016 by lade in Poems

a measure of life

I am weighed,
Not with kilograms
But with grade;
A woman’s preference.

I sent my last thought
It bounced back,
I remembered the list we created
A master of no confidence.

yet I couldn’t measured up,
I poured with shadow lights
Its heaviness turns mirage.

This is my page to write,
My picture to burn
My measure of life.


Posted: July 29, 2016 by lade in Poems

i miss the love you gave,

the cares you lavished,

your passionate touch

your hairy chest and biceps

your voice so calm.

it was over with my words,

all your words are mere talk,

all your letters are mere notes

as thoughts becomes noise.

drenched in tears,

the reality of lost comes in

and happiness a disjoint

all hope seems lost,

our future, a preview of uncertainty.

a heart that loves is hurt

tossing all trust in the trash

a betrayal of love

a betrayal of life

a simple goodbye.