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Posted: November 26, 2016 by lade in creative writting
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I met you while i was dark,
You lit me up.
You made me feel
As if i was enough
I loved you then,
but you never knew.

I may be dead with speech,
Thats why i write you this,
So Everybody knows,
I will keep out every sorrow.
The world is passing
Yet we are gonna stay.

You keel me over with smile
I almost forgot am older,
i wana dance with you right then.
i knew i needed you but i never show,
Then i played the cool guy
because i am scared to loose you.

I am so in love with you
I hope you know,
I wana stay with you
Till our grey hair becomes old
I will wake you up with breakfast,
With songs and with kiss on head.

I want to spend with you
The rest of my days
You are beautiful as ever
My promise;
You will stay that way everyday
Till we sleep in death Together.