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Tickles makes you cry,
You wonder if that human sees
You live or die
It doesn’t really matter.

I have seen the wounded skate
The one who became a stall
A shout from every inges
Why hurt with blood?

Waters are not to be drawn
If not, tears would have flowed
Then the hearts makes noise
Just to cover the wounds.

Have seen the actions
That of the wise
The wisdom burried in silence
Will never come to be seen by the shallow


Two faces

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Have heard Angels;
Crying for help
Not the heavenly
Alas! I would blasphame.

Have heard the roar from the den,
A sound of submission,
Even goat bleat
Majestically out of its den.

Have tasted the wisdom in insanity
How can i run away from its grip?
Have got pierced with torns,
It filled my happy heart.

Have seen the decency in uncladness,
My morality; bewilderment
Have seen the the torns of roses
The ugliness in beauty.

Have seen the dauntless in love
The madness in sanity,
Have heard the cry of a child
The happiness in tears.


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As we work in pairs
Our bags tagged to our hands
Our mission is to spread the good news
Our voices are heard wide and far.

We enjoy talking about the one
The person who called us to is side
That greatest being yet he showed us love
Life everlasting, he promised. 

In the sun, we preach.
In the rain, we teach.
Our smiles never diminish
His kingdom our priority.

Still in the tenth century

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I was walking on my crazy drone, i started seeing the things we do, i mean the things we do engage ourself in. I am forced to state that we are still in the 10th century where all the king says became laws. I remember those days in school, my university curriculum are still of old, we were taught things oh! I mean irrelevant things, i dont understand why we still stand to prove the ‘rate of a reaction’ or all those ‘thevenin theorem’ instead of applying them. Those days in that place called school where we were taught. Did i said “taught”? Not at all, we were drilled, mis treated. where the sons and daughters of the almighty lecturer are the ones who had those precious grades or do i have to talk about those ladies who with there lumbicious back hill would offer themselves willingly in the day when there services are needed. Still in that century where a graduate cant operate a laptop not to talk about touching the lives of the so called young ones, i was bewildered the day a graduate came to me asking how to write a curriculum vitae. May God help us, i wouldn’t have said that prayer because is like our prayers just seems hanging. A father once said “when God sent satan out of heaven, he sent him to Nigeria”. Our educational system is what it used to be like we are still the days of Napoleon and Shakespeare

Culture used to be a heritage, but now it seems like a way to rob ourselves of valuables.I was walking down the street today  with my bag and umbrella declearing the goodnews jeje as a Jehovah witness “eleri Jehovah” until one guy named ‘ara orun” masquerade came asking for money.I was like abeg ooo, you can see that am busy with the work of the Almighty. The next thing i saw was a flying cane, while he was making one indescribable sound. This was when i remembered that everything is on the road to drop zone. Dont get me wrong am not blaming the African culture but in those days which i cant actually remember, all these masquerades are meant to be a form of entertainment and not an act that terrifies. Well we are still in that century.

Am no politician infact i have zero likeness for politics but when someone with a syndrome called general street madness like that of two senators (the name we call our political robbers) from the state called confluence turn themselves to kolintin and barrister or pasuma and malaika, singing all sorts of jules songs (ajekun iya) what else are we gonna say in a country where stealing 400 naira warrants a jail time of 8 years but that of the asset declaration fraud were discharged and acquitted. Am still trying to understand that scenerio, if not the tenth century, why will a suspect be a president of senators? Oooo now i got it , he is the president of hoodlums who called themselves whatever they like,gave themselves a decorated name to be celeberated. When are we gonna leave this century of no proper brain. I have never voted in my life. I still pity those who queue in the sun and sometimes in the rain as if they were living up to NYSC anthem.

    Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm. Bros forget that oo,  if truly they are anointed why have sex tapes? why embezzle money? Whats there business in politics or when did they became a business man. A friend once said”if only they add PLC to the name of church,  then i will attend “. I totally concur,  in China a pastor was in prisoned for mishandling the church’s money. Well they are in the 21st century. Awon Alfa waa those who cries for the political leaders, our prophets never took refuge in politics, i don’t understand who you dey copy. Religious leader will say they must not be poor, fine but must you be rich with material things? Lions have Dens, birds has best says the but the  son of man have no place to rest his head says the holy book. Jesus don’t even have a donkey not to talk of chariot, pastors now possess mansions, jets and cars, Wellwe must not touch our anointed .

If you guys are fed up like me, abeg meet me at the place where my best friend is now the president. I never do wedding with Nigeria, no for better for worse. Is there any time called better? All i have seen here is “worse” we will definitely have an in state president one day. When we do, please call me back. for now, let me keep asking God why he sent Satan to Nigeria.


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​Life is full of surprises…
Each lines comes like a gift
We yearn to open it
The unexpected bridges our thought.

we open our arms to catch,
we flip our body to it,
we taste our bud to set
yet it keeps giving us amusements.

Disappointments most times
the guilt of losing hunts us
anxiously we drove onto frustration
Only to meet our end in trying

So beautiful! 
like the wings of a young butterfly
only to weak away within our frame of time,
tears gulp our throats.

But there’s always a vision to see
A being willing to go the miles with
life is a gift…
Life; real or a mirage. 

On the wounded skate
I came,
You were apprehensive
Yet you took me in
I waited till your heel heals
Lasted for months of dog years
Every broken plates I picked,
I thought we would lay forever
So I Promised you forevermore
Now all are layed in mud

Am sorry to bruise your heart
I never meant to be rude to your heart
Though our distance took us apart
I used to keep you in my shirt
But we both kick out to the start.
No more lifeline to give me
Since You gave out the last one
Without thinking if am worth it
Though my expectations are too defined
People change, I understand,
That’s why I tender Apology  

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As our light found us in our bed,
All stories are next to ours
You think too much over the future
while i lived in the present.

Our stories are more than all
who you want me be, am not there yet
though your friends think am hopeless
But i gave you all my heart.

We no longer feel our stars
but we still feel our long touch
wish we never stayed apart
Now our broken ropes are so hard to mend.


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At the door it waits,
A call to my own time
Her snowy unblinking eyes, deep to my soul
My scary thoughts of lossing thee

It makes my silent slayed
Foolishness of my wisdom
I lay in siege for my fall
Yet I dont wana walk away so easily.

We couldn’t burn
We couldn’t melt
We couldn’t bend
Now we cave in.

Felt we were borne to shine
Thought we were scorge to rise
Now we walk down the broken line
With our fate laying in tear.


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The dim lights hid our faces
laughter hid our sorrows
Not a cheerless face in the crowd
Come join our reveries

Our heart keeps it merries
Our true nature elopes
no secret in a darkened light
As if we know no sadness

We sat round our circle
Exchanging pleasantries with ease
Tasting the sweetness of bitterness
The tick tack clamps down

Our timing runs with no eagerness
Ranging from big to little
Every sorrow seems to fade
In truth, it’s only hidden


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Imagine those times of laughing cries,
Those times you came home late,
But still you kiss me goodnight,
wish i made my first kite with you,
I will do anything to be 3 years old again.

Those time when you walk me to school,
times i ate with fishes on my tongue
And stews splashed on my wool.
i stopped bedwet,but you are not here,
Wish i could be 4 years again.

I remember those sunday evening,
When i choose what to watch on our TV
Your smile reveals your soothing gap,
wish i had those jumps with you,
I will do everything to be 5 again.

Those quiet story time
when the moon shines
And the stars gets out of their hides
as you quench my thirst with milk,
I will do something to be six again.

I really miss those touches,
How you lay me on your lap
As sleep quenches my fire dark,
Your deep voice makes me quack,
i will do everything to be 7 again

I wish we had those talks
when a boy turns to a man,
How to go out with girls,
And how best to treat my wife,
i forgive you as i love my 8.

wish we could hold hands
As we take a long walk;
you show me trees by names,
you squize my hands to sooth
As Your voice call me names.

I will do nothing to be 9 again
You left without saying goodbye
My crying turns to tears
not even a last word to make me smile,
wish you were here within miles