Posted: July 4, 2018 by FALADE in Poems

Said Sorry,
When I did nothing wrong.
You questioned,
I gave an with an Apology.

I gave way to tears
But never Cried
No one said it was easy,
I was never told how hard it is.

I love my life
I love yours More,
I mean nothing to myself anymore,
So sad, i meant nothing to you Either.

I knew love makes human cack
All i got were boredom ness
Spilled from sadness
Now i know; Book of love is boring.



Posted: June 4, 2018 by FALADE in Poems

In nudity i was born,
I lay down in all sincerity,
I opened to see the world in its truest form,
All i see is obscurity.

I was told:
100 are the years of life
I started mine with nothing to hold
except a spice of miff.

I have to take 100s feet
As i’m still faced with riches heat
The poverty that grows like weeds
And All goodies stays next Street.

The world never changes
Maybe that’s it truest form
The one i saw in my nudity
Now am 100 feet away in obscurity.


Posted: April 13, 2018 by FALADE in creative writting

You get hurt often times,
You slid down the last past
Past of your sensitive cloning
Yet those forms kept you running.

Its hard to love
But when you do,
The world seems to fall
As if nothing is impossible.

I was a victim of love,
I mean a victim to love
My heart has been grinded,
Broken,polished and dusted

These things
Will never be given in bit
Nor in whole.
Am a victim to your love again.


Posted: April 5, 2018 by FALADE in Poems

Who am i?
I seems like a shadow
A mirage of someone i knew not
I can’t see my mirrored image.

I look at my self
All i see are junks
Wears torn,
Hairs bald.

I’m my selfless enemy
Am now troubled
Deep by my reflection
Can’t say where i would go.

No one looks at me
Not like a human
Not as a lover
Wish I’m reborn.